Festes patronals

The last week of August the Patron Saint Festivities are celebrated in honor of the Virgin of the Rosary, Saint Francis of Assisi and the Christ of the Afflicted and the Feasts of Moors and Christians.

The Patron Saint Festivities date from the 19th century, in honor of the Christ of the Afflicted, the Virgin of the Rosary and Saint Francis of Assisi. It is from 1980 when the celebrations of Moors and Christians are celebrated, coinciding with the patronales.

One of the most outstanding elements is the parade, whose structure in different comparsas that make its entrance, is a copy of the military structure maintained by the provincial militias or reserve armies that participated in the party in the late sixteenth century. Also emphasize the embassies, accompanied by the guerrillas and alardos that is where the arquebusier intervenes.