General Information

Aigües, is a municipality of the Region of L’Alacantí, located to 342 meters of altitude in the eastern slope of the Sierra del Cabeçó, in whose subsoil is located a Jurassic aquifer system of the same name.

The hydrothermal processes that are generated in its interior, allow the water that reaches the deep structures to increase its temperature and to surface with important amounts of iron and sulfur. Thus, this is an area where there have been numerous water springs with mineral-medicinal properties, although due to the overexploitation of the aquifer, these have been decreasing, but there are references of the Cogolla Source that reached a temperature of 37 ‘ 5 ° C, of the Baths that reached 40 ° C, of the Colladet, of the Romans or New Balsa and the Source of the Mine or Caba.

Another of the charms of this town is La Pinada, a forest of tall and thick pine trees underneath which grow rosemary, thyme and lavender, where you can find several buildings that recall the greatness of another era.

Walking this place is easy, there are long paths full of stone benches and viewpoints that invite the walker to rest.

The combination of natural vegetation, water and temperature make this place a suitable place for rest, as it is said in a popular saying, Aigües without a doctor, no pharmacy is named here, its airs and its waters and its Pines its shadow.

From the interior of the region of l’Alacantí, the Sierra del Cabeçó d’Or extends from north to south in an attempt to approach the sea. Its western slope is an impressive succession of rocky walls and canvases that give the landscape a mineral character.

Aigües is located in the southeastern foothills of the Serra del Cabeçó d’Or in a privileged elevated position on the immediate coast. Between Aigües and Busot there is a territory of rocky slopes, dumb testimony of the work of past generations.