In this area the basic ingredients used in cooking are vegetables, legumes and cereals, poultry, rabbit, lamb and pork, salted fish, snails and fruits such as olives and almonds.

With them rice, gazpachos, roasts and stews like Olleta, a typical dish that combines all the Mediterranean wisdom in the union of flavors, combines vegetables, vegetables and meats in a clay pot, and the use of the oil of Olive and pineapple, which together with the almonds and saffron, make up the chopped to give body and flavor to the numerous dishes. Also Olleta is cooked only with vegetables, which is then called Borda.

Olives, green tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables are preserved with water, lemon fennel and salt, or in vinegar, and served as an aperitif, in salads or to accompany other dishes.

Very typical are the sausages elaborated artisan, according to traditional recipes, among which stand out specialties such as white and red sausages, onion sausage with or without bacon and Easter sausage.

They also emphasize the great variety of cocas, among others, those of tomato, pepper and melva or sausage, also those of onion and tuna and the minxos.

Cake shop. The pastries are very rich and varied: butter, orange, anise, fritters, almond tart, sweet cakes, toñas, etc. Compose an assortment in which the seasons of the year mark their elaboration.

Borreta. Put water in a clay pot and add spinach, chopped onion and oil. After 20 minutes of cooking add the potatoes, the ñoras, the dried tomatoes, the chilli and the cod or the melva and let cook another 20 minutes. Serve in the pan.

Meat gazpachos. Elaborated with rabbit and partridge, the meat is sauteed and removed, then the onion, tomato and pepper are sautéed and the broth, the meat, the cake and the spices are added until everything is cooked.

Arroces, of morena or boquerones, of vegetables, with garlic and spinach, with mushrooms and a long etc.

Pericana. Serve onions and dry peppers and crumble, add chilli and cod or chaplain, garlic, oil and salt.

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